Karlssons King of Sweeden Visits Bullet Motorsports

viafree.se - July 04, 2020

A very ordinary day with the Leif-Ivan Karlsson family

Fine and bus and cars at a furious pace when Worldkustom visited the Leif-Ivan Karlsson family in their new house in Florida. by Lars-Åke Krantz 
Leif-Ivan 01- This time you and Myran have to come and visit us in the new house and everything ...

Leif-Ivan and Susanne relented after the show with Krantz & Krantz & Peter Jezewski with Christer Bergman on Florida's west coast. Karlsson's had crossed Florida 30 miles easy to see the show.

A few days later it was our turn to go Alligator Alley to the east side.

Since then, Leif-Ivan and Susanne had bought a new house. It turned out to be on the corner of the street. The warm waters of the Atlantic were flowing in the channel leading directly out to the sea. The house was 550 square meters in size with seven meters ceiling height and a ledge outside the giant upstairs bedroom where the couple could overlook the house's entrance, pool deck, boat area and living room. Like a movie.

Leif-Ivan 02

"The smallest house around," says Leif-Ivan and puts Swedish perspectives on the whole.
-Fast Madonna lives further down the street, he also peers we are there again, in the tumultuous life of "the king of fucking everything" as he calls himself.

Leif-Ivan 03For those of you who have seen the TV shows about the family, (now most recently Good Bachelor Karlsson on the third, )  everyone is here.

Angelica welcomes you with a hug and takes the opportunity to get a little tan at one of the two pools. Pierre moves his stuff from the previous house to the new room and enjoys the generous spaces while Tony storms in with wife and children ready for today's adventure.

ES5You came in handy, Leif-Ivan tells Worldkustom. I bought a Camaro to pick up. Grandchildren are already bathing. Myran and Susanne are planning a shopping trip. The family has lived in Florida for three months during the winters for 16 years but now they have applied for a visa and stay for six months. "I take care of everything from here," says Leif-Ivan, whose office overlooks pools, canal, sky and sea and palm trees.
Leif-Ivan 04

- Come on, he says.
It goes away at Karlsson's, he opens a door and the shock is total.

Leif-Ivan 05
Leif-Ivan 32A flashing mancave in neon and chrome hits the face. Bb cars and coffee machines and shiny floors and .. but what on earth a Biarrittz !! Here??! I say.
- I took it from Sweden, says Leif-Ivan.
-Is it speculation?
-No, but you know a ragger must have something to ride in.

Leif-Ivan 07

Leif-Ivan 08-We'll take this one at Turnpiken now when we get Camaron.

- ?? TT Turnpike! The thundering highway where everything goes in 120 in eight files ?!

- Yes, but I've changed everything on the Cadillac so it goes like a shot you know.

He pushes a button, the door opens, the sons jump in and yes… ..we are actually on our way in 120 in a Cadillac 1959 Eldorado Biarrittz that lived in Sweden but now rolls under Florida's sun and palm trees.

Leif-Ivan 06

Leif-Ivan 09Before that, Leif-Ivan has promised to talk to a garden company about mowing.

Susanne has argued that the grass is getting long and there are regulations in the area how it may be.

Leif-Ivan, who paved his entire farm in Sweden, because he was forced to cut grass as a small, has got back the misery.
"Ah, we go," he says. It takes too long. I'll fix it then. 1970 The Camaro Rally sport is super nice. A true specimen of the Chevrolet sports car in Hugger Orange with 350 V8 and TH 350 to switch with.
Leif-Ivan 12
Leif-Ivan 11

Jonathan, owner of Bullets Motorsports, comes out and the deal is settled by a Leif-Ivan in shorts and barefoot. "It's fine," he says. This one will be good in the museum's new muscle car department.  (You've probably visited the World of Classics Museum and Sales in Tumba )
Leif-Ivan 10
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We talk huge class and only collectibles, low-range cars and dream cars in three smoky floors. Coffee is included in the entrance and the environments are absolutely outstanding.

That this even exists in Sweden is incredible. World-class.

Suddenly something unexpected happens. What I will now see is a show in the car trade from the master himself who sold eight cars a day when the spinning was greatest and his sons who are raised in the same spirit, with the older brother Tony driving the Solvalla Biltorg for many years. Three car dealer blood does it on autopilot. A show. Check it out now. Look at that look from Tony. He has seen a 1965 Pontiac GTO in great condition inside the room.
Leif-Ivan 13
Leif-Ivan 15

The car has tripower, manual box, Hurstshifter and Toploader. Yes, you read right. Toploader, that is, Fordlådan as Pontiac and others. used in their more toxic cars from 1965 and a while ahead. Take what car for the museum! I'm about to jump out of my shoes but Tony doesn't touch a mine.
Leif-Ivan 14..and the condition. The car is GOOD! Owner Jonathan comes and I stop footing and pull myself in the background. - I didn't know you had one like this, but what a pity the condition wasn't a hundred. Otherwise, this would have been good for the museum, says Leif-Ivan. "Not good?" Replies Jonathan. It is very real and complete and matching and. ..it sounds wonderful and 38,000 is worth it all the time. - The car is okay but I hear 30,000 says Tony. It doesn't line up anywhere.
Leif-Ivan 16

The tone is very happy and appreciative and Pierre pokes into the fire.
-Okay I'll take both, says Leif-Ivan suddenly and offer something equivalent to 30 for the GTO. By the way, you can get my chance but then I want to see your bank account first, hey here ... are you ready. but Jonathan does not want to take the command. Instead, he shows a movie he made about the car.
Leif-Ivan 17
Leif-Ivan 19

-Professional film, says the trio and now the topic is switching to toys.
-No, I don't think about buying a car. The guys have a common interest and there will be bullets and gunfire for a while and in one corner Krantzen will find a guitar that everyone in the Rolling Stones has signed for real.
Leif-Ivan 18
Leif-Ivan 21

So not a multiple signature with print but the old men have really been standing there and writing on the guru.
30, says Tony. We take the GTO as well. We have a dealership sign with Camaron, but then we have to borrow one more from you to the Pontiac.
"It's going well," says Jonathan, but I can't drop it for that price.
Leif-Ivan 22

Pierre is running. The sign is mounted on Camaron and then it is time for payment.

The three have not consulted each other in one word. They just play on in a nice spirit.

Barfotakarlsson and his sons go into the office, drink Jonathan's coffee and detain him because he has never been to Sweden. Everything very nice.

Leif-Ivan 20Now we just have to pink and then we go, says Leif-Ivan. The GTO has not been talking for 20 minutes. He brings out the check block. So he says:
-We do well with the GTO as well. You want a prize and I want to give another so what do you say? Leif-Ivan 30He starts writing and raises his bid by $ 1000.

This never works, I think. They are too far apart.

You don't get anywhere else, says Tony.
"Now's your chance today," says Pierre.

Then . the fist will come and a car has suddenly become two.


Leif-Ivan 23
He had several honors Jonathan at Bullets Motorsports.

Among other things, this 66th Mustang and 1960 Bel Air fitted with direct injection.
Leif-Ivan 24Time to refuel petrol for 3.40 liters and the petrol station manager comes out and applauds. Not so much refueling but rather the cars.Leif-Ivan 33

TinasDiner_sharpMichael Suarez from Cuba loves the old cars and himself brought a 1952 Chevrolet from his home country.

-No, no such taxi there but a nice one, says Michael who does not believe his eyes mainly due to Biarrittzen.

"I've never seen one in traffic," he says, clapping his hands.

Leif-Ivan 25
Pierre is always quick when something practical is to be arranged. He refuels all three cars at once. The boys have not yet said a word to each other about the GTO deal. We rush out on the highway home and the sons swarm around the dad in their fast cars. Pierre drives Camaron and Tony switches the GTO. He comes first on the inside and then on the outside and THERE…Leif-Ivan 26

Leif-Ivan 31… THERE, for the first time during this deal, they exchange glances.

A look that says it all.

"That went well, Dad,"


Leif-Ivan's mobile rings. It's Susanne. She says:
- They have been here and measured the height of the lawn. The grass was too long and we were fined.
-How much, he says?
- $ 500, says Susanne.
-M-but it's 4,000 SEK, now I'm just so sorry, he says.

Leif-Ivan 27

Leif-Ivan is sorry.

The last mile home, he is genuinely low.
- I get so sad when I… ..we could have used 4,000 for something much more fun.
He turns in and the family gathers.
-But tell Susanne, says Leif -Ivan. What happened?
"I was just kidding you," she says, celebrating that beautiful Susanne smile.
- What !?? what are you saying ?
- It was just a joke!

Leif-Ivan 28It takes a few seconds for Leif-Ivan Karlsson to become king of fucking everything again.

A hug on the garage driveway sets the point for the misery and he shines up and says:

Now I invite everyone to dinner. Come and we go to the new Mex restaurant.

-No, Dad, I'm bidding today, Tony says, patting the GTO on the roof.