Our South Florida showroom features an ever-changing lineup of niche market vehicles available for sale, from classic collectibles and luxury exotics to limited production vehicles and authentic military HumVees. Most recently, we have emerged in the market as a global leader in turbo Buick sales, particularly the Grand National.

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In addition to offering an incredible selection of niche market vehicles for sale, Bullet Motorsports also provides these services:


Owners of specialty vehicles are invited to apply for our consignment program. We don’t consign just anything, though. If your car is accepted into our program, it will be backed by the full strength of our marketing and advertising power, complete with panoramic HD photography and cinematography showcased across our social media network of millions, as well as through internal industry connections, to get your car sold. Our network is only as good as the reputation we uphold, and so we will always make sure we represent your car honestly and in as much detail as possible, so that everyone drives away happy. See if your car has what it takes: apply today!

Sell Your Car

If consignment is not for you, Bullet buys cars, too. In particular, we will always pay top dollar for low mileage specialty vehicles like SVT, Ligengfelter, COPO, Yenko, SS, SRT, AMG, M-series, and GNX; racecars including road course vehicles and drag cars; top-tier American Muscle such as Chevelle, Mustang, Galaxie, Impala, Viper, Corvette, Grand National, and Camaro; specialty exotics including H1, Ferrari, Porsche, Rossion, Lamborghini, Lotus, BMW, Aston Martin, and Masarati; militaria like AM General and Stewart Stevenson; pristine original land yachts including Thunderbird, Galaxie, Toronado, Eldorado, and Wagons, any make; and original workhorse vehicles such as F-series trucks, C-series trucks, and D-series trucks. We are not interested in regular mass production vehicles at this time.


Over the course of the past decade, the highly specialized nature of our niche car collection has drawn interest from all corners of the globe and across the United States. In fact, only 10% of our vehicle inventory is sold to local buyers – the remaining 90% is shipped direct to the buyer, wherever they may be. So what does that mean? It means we’ve perfected the Transport process.

Automotive Estate Planning

Let us take the guesswork out of automotive estate planning for you. Bullet Motorsports can handle these sensitive arrangements directly, so that you and your family can focus on what matters most. Whatever your final wishes for your car collection may be, we will make sure that they are carried out in a way that honors you while giving peace of mind to those you’ll leave behind.

Vehicle Storage

Leave your ride with us and rest easy knowing it’s being kept safe, secure, and road-ready. Bullet Motorsports offers full-service, climate control vehicle storage solutions for classic cars, exotics, racecars, and specialty vehicles. Our storage contracts are available on month-to-month or extended terms, and come standard with security features including CCTV monitoring and maintenance upkeep including tire roll procedures, to ensure that your car leaves our storage facility better than ever and revving to go.